ApronMax RTA
Celltech 104.7 oz/unit unit 15 gallon kegs
Cruiser Max RTA 640 units/pack unit
Dividend Extra 2.5 g 2 oz/100# gal.
Dividend Extreme oz
Dividend ExtremeMax Soybean inoculant (25 oz bag; 6 bags/case)
Graph-EX SA 6x25 oz see notes bag 3 oz/140,000 bean seeds, generic
Imida 5EC 2.5 g 2 x 50 bu. price per case
Optimize 400 4x2.5unitcarton 5 oz/100# Case
Rancona 2.5 g 4 oz/100# price per oz, soybean inoculant
TerraMax 40 units bottle
Green Poly Tank 3,000 g 2" valve: $1,600.00
Payable: Sumit View Ag LLC (Doug Fries) 3" valve: $1,650.00


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Along with carrying many different varieties of seed from Nu-AG, Nu-Tech, and Dairyland Seeds, we also have the ability to treat any seed.